Thursday, April 21, 2011


Everyone has headaches, attributing them variously to the damp chill that easily permeates our loose layers (our standard defense against the dry cold we`re used to), the diffused, directionless light, the not-unpleasant but still unnervingly constant percussion of rain against our buildings, the low pressure system (no one knows quite what this is, but we all suspect it of being unnatural, and exactly the kind of thing that could easily cause headaches).

We do not (except for small children) usually have rain slickers and galoshes in this part of the country. We do have umbrellas, which we store in our cars forever, appreciating the sense of adult preparedness they give us, along with occasional reminders of our mothers. But we lack protocols for coping with their wet unwieldiness inside buildings and houses (a hybrid bat/stick insect monster, as we try to shake the water from its taut wings and maneuver it into a stable resting position so it can dry itself) so we seldom unfurl them.
Read: Thought Catalog.

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