Monday, October 10, 2011


there’s a
script: there was
no pain; it was
peaceful; it was
better this way
(fast) because
there was no decline
just activity and then
none; it was
better this way
(slow) because
there was time
to say things
that hadn’t yet
been said.

there’s a
funeral: i’ll go
but it won’t matter
the loss is the same
no matter how many
people share it;
their grief intrudes
on mine.

there’s a
space that used to be
occupied by a me
that only existed
in your eyes: now
either i catch
that vision
add it to the
collection of selves
i already have
or it disappears at
precisely the same rate
as you do. i hope
it didn’t hurt; i hope
you weren’t lonely; i hope
you were ready.
i remind myself
that you loved travel
and although i am
not a believer
i can say:
bon voyage.

[see this in Commas & Colons Issue Zero, with illustration by Chris Thornley.]


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