Friday, March 2, 2012


did you know
there is money from your country
in a bowl by my front door
the same place where
i deposit guitar picks, mystery
keys and orphaned earrings.

there is probably six pounds
and change, plus another one
or two of your too-thick,
too-heavy coins in my purse
mixed in with parking-meter quarters.

i am not sure if i was keeping them
just because they reminded me
of you, or against some future visit
when i would need them again. but
i am thinking now of mailing them
back to you, or of taping them inside
the covers of school-library copies
of children's travel books so that they might
bring some delight to someone.

i have thought of dropping them
into fountains one at a time
but i do not think they’re legal
tender here even for wishes
though i believe they might work
where you are.

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