Monday, March 26, 2012


1. i am lost today but do not try to find me; you will only delay me.

2. i have finally forgotten to notice what time it is in your part of the world: the calculation (still familiar and effortless) has ceased to be automatic. for good or ill i've decoupled my chronology from yours (watches are unsynchronized on my mark) and now for all i know you might be simply a few weeks further along in your work, while i've moved through years since the last time we were in alignment.

3. there is some kind of relativity at work here during which it would be unwise for us to touch, like trying to clasp hands with someone on a moving train while you're standing along the rail. our speeds are perilously different, our maps and timepieces useless to each other, or worse.

4. i am looking for one of those places that can only be discovered serendipitously, that can't be navigated towards. so your cartographer's instinct (all charts and compasses and bits of cloth to mark the path) only slows my progress, do you see?

[see this in Commas & Colons Issue Zero, with illustration by Chris Thornley.]


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