Thursday, June 7, 2012


sometimes i wish that only you knew my name
sometimes i know that only you know my name
or can pronounce it with the right accent
the one that sounds like the voices i heard in my cradle
and as a small child before i joined this other tribe
these people who cared for me, and fed me
but who do not know the right sounds
to speak my name.

sometimes i believe my eyes have become
more blue since you were here
and if what you told me is true, this must be a blessing
but i think you'll agree
that being loved by god is not
an unmixed one.

sometimes i wish to be found, claimed
by those who've come to others as gods or ghosts
or holy words. if they have spoken to me, it has always been
in my own voice, bringing gifts that were no more
than what i already had. are there to be no signs
except the ones written in my own hand, no teachers
except those i appoint for myself?

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