Monday, April 15, 2013


we could
we could, you know
we could grow up together
we could have jobs
     apartments, fights, a dog, a house
     children (tall, black-haired)

we could grow content, grow rich or fat or complacent
     or wise, maybe
we could be time travelers together, cosmonauts
     inside aging bodies, but never deceived
     by the disguises of midlife

i could remember your first surprised smile
     under my lips; you could remember my body
     first coming to rest beside yours

we could grow old
     the film in our eyes hiding (kindly) the strange illusions
     time wove around us
we could know each other then by feel, by scent and warmth
like children

we could start now
we could

[buy this on archival letterpress at Architrave Press, Edition 4]



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