Monday, May 1, 2017

query letter

someday i'm going to write a book
about how to heal what you didn't know was broken
and how to locate what you didn't know was lost.

from a marketing perspective, it will be a terrible book
because it won't be written for people who know
that they are broken, or that they are lost 
(there are other books for those people)
(like, a lot of other books)
but will instead be for people who are fine,
people who are normal,
high-functioning, reasonably happy people,
even people who might sometimes be unreasonably happy
(but not so often that they start to seem weird)
(those people also have other books they can read).

anyway, this book for people who are fine: 
the marketers will hate it but so will
anyone who reads it, because each page
will be a map to a part of yourself that was 
(so sad but)
(what else could be done)
walled off and floated out to sea
at certain points during the journey
the one that brought you to fine.

it will not be a good book to give as a gift
except that it will be
(you must have known)
(you were in this poem)
a gift intended for you.

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